About Us

The Sidekick Creative is a advertising agency that can handle overall marketing, brand strategies and sales promotions for your business. We are talented and creative minds that put our true craftsmanship to work for you… We believe that your customers not only embrace your products; they embrace your brand. It is imperative that your BRAND's characteristics serve to identify its particular need to your client, and allow them to think in a longer-term relationship - well beyond the initial transaction.

At the Sidekick Creative we service numerous businesses and corporations, non-profit organizations, B2B, retail and more. The first thing we'll do when we start working together is get to know you and your business. Then, we start to identify your customers. Next, we'll improve the ways you' communicate with those customers, and help you get more of them. We'll learn. We'll adapt. We help you grow. If you're looking for an agency that's in it for the long-haul, a 'SIDEKICK' that will invest its passion and creative sweat in helping your business grow, we just might be the agency you're looking for. We are about making a difference for you. Because if you do not look good, we do not look good… Let's work together and make your brand successful!

Jim Arenz [Creative Director] has more than 20 years in the advertising industry, creating marketing plans, designing and implementing the brand initiative for many start up companies. He has the creative mind to take your company from its infancy stage to the next level. He will take the time to get to know you and your business and work with you to create a game plan that will help your marketing plan be successful.